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I really cannot stand the feel of the stock bars on the KZ750 twin.  The pullback is too much for my wrists;  it makes me feel like I’m sitting there getting my nails done or something.  They had to go…

Someone gave me the link to affordable BikeMaster brand handlebars at AZMotorsports years ago when I was looking for cheap SuperBike bars.  Well, that company was acquired (by RideNow), and the website has changed 50 million times, and at last check seems just about impossible to navigate to find the bars.

…but I keep chasing down links for these affordable bars where I can…

BikeMaster Handlebars

BikeMaster Handlebars

So, here are some links to the extremely affordable SuperBike bars (and other BikeMaster bars):
Link 1, from (via Motorcycle Superstore);
Link 2, directly from Motorcycle Superstore;
Link 3, from Z1Enterprises (I’m not sure if these are BikeMaster Brand)

I have these superbike bars on my first 750 and my 400.  The bars have held up for me very well in the handful of years of regular use since 2004 or so.  No rust (though kept indoors), and still appear to be the same shape in which I got them.

I happen to think that SuperBike style bars are the perfect handlebar for the ’76 – ’79 750 Twin (maybe later ones, too, but I don’t have one).  The bike is naturally high in front, so the SuperBike bars don’t end up being as low as you might fear.  Not too much pressure on the wrists, just a perfect up-lift from the air draft at speed.

Just so you know, when you put these SuperBike bars on the 750, the front master cylinder is a very tight fit.  In fact, you will need to loosen the stock banjo bolt ever-so-slightly, and turn it down just a tad to fit around the gauges.  On the other hand, it is a great time to change out the brake line to braided stainless steel…

For my second 750, I got the Bikemaster “Daytona” model for a slightly more stock look, though they have a bit less rise and pullback that the stock bars.  I don’t like them as much as the Superbike bars for ride position, but it was much easier to swap in since it fit in easily without shorter cables, cramped brake lines and master cylinder, and so forth.  And I still don’t have that “getting my nails done” wrist position…



  1. Steell

    Z1 se;;s Emgo brand, just received my new Daytona bars today. I like the SuperBike bars on the 750 also, but I needed a taller bar so I can install my windshield.

    Most important thing to remember when shopping for bars, 4 3/4″ center distance, otherwise the hold down clamps will get cocked at an angle and won’t seat.

  2. Mike aka bikemike

    I bought my Bikemaster drag bars from Bikebandit,they were the lowest priced that I found.

  3. Biquetoast

    @ BikeMike
    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Richard G

    I changed over to bars off of a honda cb 900,they fit and gave me the feel and ride position right for me.

  5. Jeremy H

    I just recently purchased a 1977 KZ750. I love the bike. Its alot of fun. I would like to see some pics of some taller handlebars on the kz750. Anyone have any pics?

  6. Biquetoast

    @ Jeremy H
    Glad you like the bike, I love mine too.
    Taller bars? Do you mean taller than stock? I think the stock ones had something like a 6″ rise, if I remember correctly. I couldn’t stand them actually, and have replaced mine on my two 750’s with a 2″ rise (so-called “superbike” bars) and a 4″ rise on the other. Funny enough, I just put those old stock 750 bars on my ’82 KZ550 LTD, because the high stock bars were *insane* on that, and the stock 750 bars are at least *tolerable* (though not preferred) by comparison..

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