I Finally Switched to an AGM Battery…

Yep, it’s true.  After almost 20 years, I finally decided to turn in my Lead-Acid battery for an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

Out with the old…

When the time came in 2021 to replace the battery I had bought in 2016 (and it should’ve been replaced long ago), I just couldn’t resist the temptation of not having to deal with topping off the water level again, a twice-or-more time per year ritual.  The price was only like $15 more for the AGM, so I couldn’t *not*, you know?

…in with the new!

No more more over-flow tube and all the hassle.  No more distilled water top-offs.  Heck, the connectors are even easier to use.  And, the size is EXACT, if you use the models I used.


Exact replacement fit!

When I asked the folks at Auto-zone, I assumed there was no way that the KZ750 twin would be in their database for proper matches…  I was half-right: while the ’78 KZ750 Twin is not listed, there, is a listing for an ’80 750 “B” model that was wrong.  On the other hand, there was a valid/correct listing for the ’80 KZ750 G.. and since the ’80 G is a sister model to the ’78 B, that’s what we went with and it was a perfect match replacement.

Another comparison

Perfect match!

The old model is a “CB14L-A2FP”, and the new model is a Duralast Gold ETX15L.

Finally installed.

So I thought I’d let y’all know.  But you probably switch years ago anyway…  😉


  1. Victor

    Question: my engine is stamped KZ750BE, title shows ‘76 model. Partzilla and Kawasaki show KZ750B1 and B2? Are they the same engine?

  2. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @Victor – Yep, the B1 and B2 were basically the same bike with the same engine. But be careful, because in ’78 the B3 engine had a changed dynamo and regulator, and also therefore some wiring changes. -‘Toast

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