Service Manuals – KZ750 Twin

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New Original Printed Manuals – KZ750 Twin

Of course they can be had from eBay and other similar places, but my favorite service manuals in the world can also still be bought DIRECTLY from Kawasaki. Do yourself a favor and get the original before you look into other aftermarket manual vendors if you can… UPDATE, 2021: I created this page a long time ago, and the links are dying, sorry.  Basically, you need Part #99997-744-04 from somewhere… I found a reproduction site or two, but I don’t want to post links because I have no affiliation or experience with them.  Please drop me a line if you find a dependable source for the manual!

Manuals In Digital Formats – KZ750 Twin

A note about these files: Some of these links for the manuals (especially for the larger files) are to an external storage repository (, actually) that behaves a bit strangely. It seems that the file download might take forever (like minutes or so) to start, but then starts downloading at a pretty good rate. I hope it works for you. I have tested it and it seems to work well for me….

  • The complete “Kawasaki Service Manual” for the ’76-’79 KZ750 Twin (B1-B4), as ONE CONTIGUOUS scanned PDF file, thanks to EnHising of the THE KAWASAKI TWIN OWNERS FORUM: Link 1, Link 2. WARNING: This file is ~186MB, so don’t just click on it directly; make sure to right-click and choose “Save As…” or you will likely get an application error.
  • The complete “Kawasaki Service Manual” for the ’76-’79 KZ750 Twin (B1-B4), split into INDIVIDUAL PAGES in PDF format, donated by Homer/Davie from Link 1. NOTE: It was originally provided to me in DOC format, and it kinda’ got chewed up a bit in my conversion process to PDF (using OpenOffice)… after having been chewed up a bit from the OCR in MS Office in the first place… but I hope it helps anyway…
  • The complete “Kawasaki Service Manual” for the ’79 KZ750 B4 Twin, **with supplements** for the ’80 G1 (a.k.a. LTD II) and the ’81 / ’82 M1 (a.k.a CSR), as ONE CONTIGUOUS scanned PDF file, thanks to George of the THE KAWASAKI TWIN OWNERS FORUM: Link 1, Link 2. WARNING: This file is ~195MB, so don’t just click on it directly; make sure to right-click and choose “Save As…” or you will likely get an application error.
  • Here are pages 303-332 of the “Supplement 1983 KZ750-K1,S2,Y2”, split into INDIVIDUAL PAGES in JPG format, thanks to EnHising from the THE KAWASAKI TWIN OWNERS FORUM: Link 1.
  • Here is the complete “Supplement 1983 KZ750-K1,S2,Y2”, as ONE CONTIGUOUS scanned PDF file, thanks to George of the THE KAWASAKI TWIN OWNERS FORUM: Link 1, Link 2. WARNING: This file is ~17MB.

(Donated by KTOF member “30+years”)


  1. Asadullah Mir

    Thanks brother. Really appreciate your effort.


  2. Barry

    I am having trouble finding a service manual for the KZ750 M1 or K1. The links I click on say searching, but then don’t actually download for that model.

  3. Biquetoast

    @ Barry

    Your timing was perfect. I needed an excuse to re-vamp the links here anyway, and you were it! Now, I hope at least ONE of the links above will work for you…


  4. Trey

    What about a manual for a 1988 305 LTD?

  5. AlfredStifsim

    You’re gonna be helping me out a lot thanks!

  6. suntzutao

    This is to cool for school biquetoast. Thank you. Thought I would sling you a buck as well.

  7. Biquetoast

    Thanks for the kind words and the buck. It’s always neat to receive an appreciative dollar out of the blue!

  8. mr. adams

    thanks bud i really needed this

  9. 79blazerman

    is there a manual i can veiw online

  10. Biquetoast

    @79blazerman –
    When you say “view online”… Do you mean like a web-based application that renders the pages for you in a browser? If so, I don’t know of anything like that. But you can download the manual from the link at the right, under “Reference” and “Manuals”… Once you download them, you can view them with a regular PDF viewer, like Adobe Reader or something else like it.
    I hope that helps!
    – ‘Toast

  11. rhwash66

    Thank you so much for offering these manuals. I have been looking for 2 years for one for my kz750g1.

  12. Brian

    Please forward your email address. I have a filter cross reference I want to share.


  13. Biquetoast


    That would be great! Drop me a line at: biquetoast (at) biquetoast . com


  14. Alex

    Hey guys so I pulled a kz 750 B1 000336 out of a shed a couple weeks back and am working on the wires. I was looking at that b1 wiring diagram posted at the bottom of this page and it just doesnt seem right. I could be an idiot because i am a noob so bear with me. Thanks guys! This site has helped me loads with other stuff which is much appreciated.

  15. Joshua Martin

    Need an online or service repair manual for a 77 kawaski kz 750 twin. Super difficult to find. Help someone

  16. Biquetoast

    @Joshua –
    Sorry, but I’m confused… the manual for the ’77 is right above this, higher up in the page. Unless you mean something like an online parts diagram? If so, the link under “Categories” –> “Reference” above at the right should get you there. If I’m missing something, let me know and I’ll try to help…

  17. Steve

    Howdy Toast-
    Do you know if I could do a engine swap from a 1979 kz750 into a 1978 kz750 without any real hassle?I’m thinking the swap would be pretty straight forward without having to change any electrics or even chains or sprockets.Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Biquetoast

    Yeah, that should be a pretty straightforward swap. The ’78 and ’79 we almost exactly the same except for paint, so you should be good.
    But I couldn’t let your comment go without me saying that I always recommend changing sprockets in pairs… So if the drive sprocket on the original engine is any good, I’d swap that back on the new engine so that the original pair of sprockets and chain are all back together. And if they aren’t good, then there’s no better time to replace them all…

  19. Weppa

    Hey everyone i have a 1983 Kawasaki KZ750-K1 LTD Belt. I wanted to know what battery do i need for my bike and is there a AGM battery that would fit?

    Thanks for the help

  20. Biquetoast

    @Weppa –
    Hi! I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, but I checked my favorite place,…

    …and though they don’t have one, they mention that you need the “Standard Equivalent to YB14L-A2 YTX14AHL-BS”. I don’t know if that helps, but if you find something, let us know!


  21. Mike

    Hi Toast!

    I have a 82 kz750 and a 82 csr750 (both twin), and was wondering if i could swap pretty much any parts out from the kz to the csr. using one or the other for a parts bike, and maybe swapping the engines.. thanks for the manual btw!

  22. Biquetoast

    @Mike –
    Well just going on memory here, you’re going to have some parts that will swap, some that won’t. Like the CSR had rear drum brakes, right? Most of the engine will be similar, I’d imagine. Bottom line is that the parts diagrams are your friend (I have links in the sidebar). You’ll have to cross-compare parts when you need to. I think if I were you, I’d actually get two of the exact same bikes so *all* parts swap, not just here and there. I’m thinking that the first time you need to replace something and it doesn’t swap over (forcing you to eBay), you’ll think, “why in the heck do I have a spare parts bike if it isn’t good for parts…?”

  23. Mike

    These 2 bikes are almost uncanny in similarity. The one big thing i did notice is that my first bike (750 k1) has a different seat than the others that you have pictures of in your “identify your bike” section… she’s kinda a rare bird, although I’m not going to keep it stock. I think this winter i’m going to rebuild the carbs on the CSR to get a bit more HP out of it… seeing how i can’t get up steep hills going 60+ and only get about 30 mpg.
    I have many more questions about these bikes and I hate to clutter up your service manuals page with non-service manual questions. Maybe a new page?
    As for the service manual, the links are not working for me… either on adobe(saved) or on the browser. 🙁

  24. Paco Francesco

    Salve,chi può aiutarmi per la mia moto KZ750 LTD TWIN ANNO 84. Ingranaggio ruota libera da sostituire. Grazie

  25. Luke

    I appreciate the time and energy to put this out. Thank you!

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