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I’m doing this site for the love of doing it.

And now (in March of 2023), the Akismet organization (the company that makes the software that protects this site from spam, and is owned by Automattic, the company that makes this website site software WordPress) has contacted me to tell me that I was violating the terms of service for “Personal” use. They told me that running Google ads and/or asking folks to chip in a buck makes me a “commercial” site… and would force me to buy a subscription unless I file paperwork to become a non-profit. And I’m sure you get it; I’m just doing this because I ride a KZ750 and I want to help people… So I have removed all ads and requests for donations so I can hopefully return to their definition of non-commercial. We’ll see.

So, nope, I’m not asking you to chip in. Just enjoy.

And hey… Thanks!

Buck Donation Honor Roll:
Mark – 02/10/2013
Stephen – 04/26/2013
Roy – 08/17/2013
Stephen – 03/06/2015
David – 03/16/2015
Robert – 10/08/2020

Gas Gallon Donation Honor Roll:
Jack – 10/01/2013

Oil Quart Donation Honor Roll:
Ken B. – 01/09/2016
Kyle R. – 06/03/2021


  1. Bob Kortbein

    I need to locate a stator for my 1980 KZ750 LTD (G).

    Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob

  2. Biquetoast

    @ Bob

    Of course there’s always ebay, a junkyard, or join a forum and post in the wanted sections…

    If you have one in-hand already that is bad and you want a rebuilt one, make sure you check out my stator item here…

    I hope that helps…
    – ‘Toast

  3. james

    I’ve just bought a 1978 kz750b3 with less than 9000 miles. There is no apparent trouble with the starter clutch yet. I’m wondering if there is something that can be done pre-emptively that can prolong the life of the starter clutch, for example, removing the three allen bolts and retorquing to spec with blue (red?) loctite. As it’s a new bike to me, I expect I can cultivate the habit of trying kick starting before resorting to electric, thus also prolonging the life of the starter clutch. Any other ideas? How about, since it would be torn down for the retorquing above, pre-emptively replacing pins, springs, and rollers (i.e. the $25 kit I’ve found online)?

    thank you,

  4. Biquetoast

    @ james –

    Actually James, after my experiences with my starter clutches, if I were you, I’d do exactly that… Open it up, check the bolts to see if they are backing out, and if you are so inclined (as you mention), re-install with LocTite (probably blue).

    As for replacing the pins, springs, and rollers… It might not be a bad idea if you have $25 lying around that you need to spend, but I have heard in the past that some folks have had perfectly fine starter clutch parts, but the contact area on the starter sprocket (that grabs against the starter clutch) gets bumpy, causing odd behavior. You might just want to open it up and see.

    But then remember, once you open it, you’ll need a cover gasket (you can make one), rotor puller (bolt or rear axle), a rotor holder, etc., etc…


  5. Bob

    I have been offered a 1979 KZ750 Twin with 250 original miles. What would this bike bring on e-bay-

  6. Biquetoast

    @Bob –

    Sounds like a museum piece!

    Seriously though, nobody can predict eBay prices. It has to do with how well you do the listing, the buyers at the moment, etc. The 750 twin is having a surging market as of late, but still it’s often less popular than other similar models like the XS650…

    But if yours has such low miles and is very clean, who knows?

    Good luck though!
    – ‘Toast

  7. James

    Hi, great site. Some good reading. I have just purchased a 76 z750 B1 here in the UK. I was thinking about upgrading the front brakes to double discs. Do you know what models I could look to for parts?


  8. Biquetoast

    @ James –

    There’s a post right here on another page with a few tips…

    I hope that gets you started…

  9. Bruster

    Hi All

    I was a member of the old forum and went by the name of “Bruster”. I have 2 ’77 750Bs and a ’78 parts bike. I Know a fair amount about these bikes. I had not been on for a very long time and I just now discovered that the old forum was no longer in existence.
    Anyway, I am back to working on the KZs and will hang out here for information and share my experience if I can be helpful…

  10. evan

    Any one know the stock outer dimensions of a kz750b cylinder sleeve getting ready to do some mods wanna have my math right before I tear my bike down

  11. jon

    Hi Any tips on bleeding the rear brake…?
    I’ve tried using vacuum pump to help draw fluid through but its not working.
    I’ve attached the front master cylinder to the back end just to make sure the calipers works ok and it did. But when i hook it all back up to the rear master it just isn’t working well fluid does pump out of the master but it just doesnt seem to be able to cope with the horizontal pipes.

    Is there a trick?
    Is there an alternative generic rear master i could fit?

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