Model I.D. – 1980 KZ750 G1 (LTD II)

Model Identification

Year:   1980
Make:  Kawasaki
Model:  G1
VIN:  KZ750G-000001 ~
Engine:  KZ750BE046201 ~
Colors:  Luminous Ruby Red

Characteristics that distinguish the ’80 G1 from the previous 4 years of 750 B1 – B4 twins:  Quite a bit!  The paint color and stripe changed of course (the pinstripes are similar to the ’79, but without the rear-tank downward turn), mag/cast rims instead of spoke wheels, drilled disc rotor, shorter front fender, decorative Kawasaki logo on triple trees, new headlight bucket and mount, updated-style turn signals, chrome gauge/clocks covers, high handlebars and matching angled master cylinder, shorter megaphone-style mufflers, U. S. carbs had plugged pilot screws, no center stand anymore, stepped seat instead of old flat “bench” seat, smaller side cover with “LTD 750t” instead of older “KZ750” emblem, chrome chain guard, newer-style 5-way adjusting black rear shock/springs without the old chrome decorative cap, left-side-only grab bar instead of full behind-seat grab bar, drum rear brake, o-ring drive chain, and no exposed rear fender as on previous years.

And there were also a couple important frame differences:  Besides the various welded tabs being different to accommodate the previously-mentioned changes, note that the passenger footpeg mount (also doubling as the exhaust holder) has been modernized to a point instead of a big rounded swoop.

Here are some pictures to help identify the ’80 G1  (all pics are U.S. models; I don’t have any European pics, but I’m not certain there are any outward cosmetic differences anyway).


  1. mike

    Is there any difference in the motor between the early B’s and the G1? Having hard time searching parts under 750G? Thank

  2. Biquetoast

    Hi Mike!
    The ’80 G1 is very similar to the ’78/’79. There is a small evolution in three steps. The 76 and 77 are the same.. there was electrical changes for 78, and then the 78 and 79 were the same. I remember once a long time ago we cataloged the differences on one of the forum sites, but I forget now. The good news is that I actually have the full manual here on this site, with the supplements for each year. When you look at the supplement for the ’80, you can see all the changes. Give that a look and if you still need something, I’ll dig out my print ones and thumb through.
    Good luck!

  3. Wyatt

    Hey KZTwin family!

    I recently bought a 1980 Kawi Twin from a shady gent online, and I’m in love with it. I do have a few questions that I would love some clarification on… and I hope that this comment will ping someone on here because most of these comments are a few years old now.

    1. I am confused on the “Model” of my motorcycle. Vin begins with KZ750G. Does that mean it’s a G1? Or a LTD II? Or are those just two different names for the same bike?

    2. The stator in my motorcycle is dead and I’ve been searching for a month to find a decent one. I had ordered one from but called and according to them the one that was in my “fitment” wouldn’t actually fit. Anywhere I can look?

    I feel like getting clarification on number 1, will help me with number 2, as almost every book has a different name for the 1980 750 Twin that I have. Some don’t have it at all… The last part I need for our adventure to really begin!

    Would love some help from this group.

  4. Jeremy Pavlov

    Howdy! The ’80 is a good choice.
    1.) Yep, it’s the ’80G. Known as a G1 (and there was no G2), and also by the unfortunate “LTDII” marketing name, because if I recall correctly the “LTD” was the four-cylinder. If you are looking for parts, in many cases the best choices will be the ’78 B3 & ’79 B4, since they were very similar, and there was no ’81 twin. When the new versions came out in ’82, they were different enough that almost everything is different but the engine.
    2.) The stator should interchange with the ’78 & ’79 like I mentioned above. You need the “Service Manual” for clarification, and I have it hosted on this site if you cannot find a printed copy. SInce you have the ’80 G, you are going to have to be eternally vigilant to be sure that you are not getting confused with the ’80 four-cylinder KZ750, which was very popular. I fear that’s what happened to you here. Go back and shop for a stator for a ’78/’79 and see what you find.
    I hope that helps…

  5. Frank

    Anyone know where the fuel/air mixture screw is located. I’ve changed the starter, battery, plugs ,points. I’m getting gas in the bowl but no gas to the engine. Good spark at the plugs, but she won’t start. when I spray starter fluid in the air intake it fires up for a second, then nothing.

  6. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @ Frank –
    This sure sounds like the “pilot” fuel passage is blocked. This is the fuel passage that feeds fuel during idle, and it likely is clogged with old, gummed fuel. You likely need to “clean” the carbs (there are lots of ways to accomplish this, some better than others), and then ensure the tiny fuel/air passages stay clean with something like an occasional SeaFoam treatment in your fuel (I swear by SeaFoam, but you can use what you want). To your original question, the “pilot” screws are on the side of the carbs, and should be set according to the manual, which is something like tighten until seated, then back out a small amount (not sure on the ’80 model). If you have to set it at anything other than the factory spec, then you likely have clogged carbs.
    – ‘Toast

  7. Lawrence

    Trying to do a rebuild on an 80 750 twin. Cannot find pistons 20 over to bore the cylinders into working condition. Yamaha 350 warrior pistons have been suggested. Will 78 or 79 pistons work?

  8. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @Lawrence –
    Lemme start by saying I don’t know about Yamaha pistons. That would be a cool tip if true.
    But if you can find ’78 or ’79 750 twin pistons, they should absolutely work. You have the advantage of cross-referenceing the part number on the parts diagrams too. But the changes were minor across the 78/79/80, and the pistons did not change as far as I know.
    Good luck!

  9. Frank

    I have a title that says 1979 kz750LTD twin But the fork ID badge says 1980. I need carburetors and I’m not sure Exactly what I need can anybody help

  10. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @ Frank – Did you check the VIN against the VIN ranges on my page? The funny thing is that the ’80 was called the “LTD” and the ’79 wasn’t. There are many other clues too, like if the side covers are long like the ’76 – ’79, or short like the ’80. Different seat, different color options, and some other things.

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