Want to buy a KZ750 (or KZ400) “Wiring Diagram” novelty T-Shirt or mug?

Then make sure to check out The BIQUEshop, where I have a few various items feateured.

If you don’t see what you want, make sure to let me know and I’ll see if I can whip it together for you…


  1. Chris Davies


    Would love a t shirt with the “OHC Z400” logo, same as the sidepanel on a Z400 twin

    Cheers .. Chris

  2. Biquetoast

    @ Chris –

    I have since added a shirt or two with that “OHC 400” logo to the shop. I am only using the “free” shop there, so I am limited to only one image type per shirt… so if you want that logo on a different shirt type, just let me know and I’ll switch them around.

    – ‘Toast

  3. Federico Child

    I have a b4 and I am having an electrical issue and was wondering if you might be able to help. I tested voltage when the bike is idle and then reving (cannot say how high as I have no tach). The volts are between 11.8 and 12.6 on this new battery when idling when I rev it just a little it jumps to 12.6 and hold relatively steadily. when I rev it high it drops to 10ish low 11’s. Also as I am riding lights sometimes but not always dim for a while no matter the RPM and then brighten again. Do you know of any reason for this? I would appreciate any help!!!

  4. Biquetoast


    A couple things come to mind… This could be a failing voltage regulator, and I believe the Kawasaki Service Manual has a method for testing it more accurately to be sure. Also, it could be bad grounds/earth…. I had quite a few bad ground connections on my bikes when I first got them. In fact, on one bike, wiggling the clutch handle would make my lights dim like you describe, due to bad grounds. I went through every ground connection and either replaced the connectors, or sanded/cleaned the contact surface, or replaced the whole wire. By the time I was done replacing and cleaning them, all my problems were gone.

  5. jordan mills

    Hey bique I been checkin into a lot of your posts on kzrider and I’m hopin you can help… I have a 78 kz750 b twin and I’m only getting consistent spark in one cylinder the other just sparks at extremely random times and is a very weak spark… any ideas of what it could be? Plugs are fine… I just have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to motorcycle engines… I can work wonders with a car though so I figure this will come easily for me…anyways man I’m currently at the library because I don’t have internet but if you could give me a ring at ********** I could probably be of more use to explain it that way… plus I have some ?s about a few other things dealing with this bike

  6. Biquetoast

    Hi Jordan –

    I hope you don’t mind that I deleted your phone number from your post… 😉

    But I’m pretty sure that from your description, your problem is likely to be your coil and/or your plug wires. I *strongly* recommend that you replace them with a brand new set, from any of a few different vendors. I have listed a few on this site, so you can check those out.

    Also, make sure to head over to the “Kawasaki Twin Owners Forum” and drop in. I pop in there as often as I can, but there’s a bunch of regulars that can help there as well…

    …We’ll get you taken care of…


  7. Blake

    i just had a quick question. i saw u changed your stock mufflers to aftermarket slip on mufflers. did u have to change the jets at all? and if so to what? thanks alot!

  8. Biquetoast

    Blake –

    I sure did re-jet. I tried to kid myself and get away with not doing it at first, but there was no way. I did the same swap on both my 750s, and just went by feel. I ended up needing a different size jet change on each, since the mufflers were pretty different between the two. By the way, there’s a couple great threads on sources for these jets over at the “KTOF” (see the references section here for links). But anyway, here’s my jet size combo for both bikes:
    Bike #2: Pilot=50, Clip=Middle, Main=130 (really needs to be 135, I think)
    Bike #3: Pilot=47.5, Clip=Middle, Main=130

    I hope that helps!
    – ‘Toast

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