Misc. Vendors I Use…

I have bought things from countless vendors, and there is not way I can keep track of them all.  But there are a few I use regularly, either because they have the best prices, best service, or a reasonable combination of both.

So, here is a short list of my favorite online motorcycle stores:

– OEM, Parts, Misc. – Jeff and Z1Enterprises.com
– OEM Extremely Rare Stuff – BikeBandit.com
– Tires, OEM, Misc. – RonAyers.com
– Tires, OEM, Misc. – Motorcycle-Superstore.com
– Parts, Misc. – DennisKirk.com
– Motorcycle Clothing, Misc. – NewEnough.com
– Electronic Parts, Relays, Etc. – PartsExpress.com

My favorite OFFline motorcycle stores/shops:

– All bike maintenance I don’t want to do (read: tire changes)  –  Howell Cycle (517) 546-3310 (Careful, they won’t work on old bikes, but *do* work on some parts if you don’t tell them what year they’re from)  –  Old-school mechanic, fair prices, small shop, Kaw-only


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  2. irvin grosscup

    I have a 1982 KZ 750 Twin… can I buy an after market speedometer and speedo cable for this model? If so where can I get it? Any other info or help with this would be appreciated…Thanks, Gene

  3. Biquetoast


    I recommend you call the folks at z1Enterprises.com, they should have what you need, or at least they can get you pointed in the right direction!


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