Stator Repair

When my stator failed on my 750, I found R.M. Moto Électronique and contacted them out of the blue.  Nice people, and great communication (even with a mild Quebecois Language barrier).  Also with a 1+ week turnaround and a reasonable price (I think it was around $125 USD in 2006, now I believe it to be $150).

Years later, at the time of this writing in Jul 2009, the stator is still going strong.


  1. Richard

    I have a 76’kawasaki kz750 twin motor in my 79’frame bike. (the 79’motor was bad. I found out that the stator was not putting out any more, so I thought I could pull the flywheel and stator from the 79′ and put it on the 76′ motor……….no dice. I need a 76′ stator. I’d like to get it with the starter clucth already attached, but maybe that’s impossible. So I am looking for a vender that has this god awful looking 76′ stator. Tried R.M. Moto Electronique and they do not have any. Any direction you can suggest would really help. Desperate. Richard

  2. Biquetoast

    Ugh. Yes, that won’t work as you discovered. You need one from a ’76 or a ’77, because they changed in ’78. I’m afraid it will likely be impossible to get one with a starter clutch attached, but you simply have to watch eBay for them. They’ll come up eventually. Besides a junkyard or another parts bike, that’s all I got… Good luck bro..

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