Front Brake Upgrade

(This post is created from content contributed by KTOF member Steell)

Want *real* stopping power from the front brake on your old KZ750 B or G model?  Want double-disk performance without breaking the bank?

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace the wheel, there are provisions for the second disk on the stock wheel.  But there are a few other components you will need to add or swap out.

The stock single disk is thicker and heavier than dual disk brake rotors, so you are best off to replace your one single rotor with two from a bike with a dual-disk setup (77-80 KZ1000, maybe 78-79 KZ650 but check diameter).

So you want killer brakes on that bike?

  • 77-80 KZ1000 12″ brake rotors
  • 83-85 GPz750 calipers
  • 95-96 GPz1100 master cylinder
  • Stainless steel brake lines

It will stop you on a dime and give you change back… 
I just described the brakes on my ’79 750 twin (specifically: rotors are 79 KZ1000, calipers are 83 GPz750, master cylinder is 96 GPz1100), so I know it works.

The same calipers are used on other models, same thing with the master cylinder, I just don’t remember what models/years used them.


  1. Carl Stoudt

    Will those calipers bolt up to the fork Tubes. I have a 1977 kz 750 twin

  2. Biquetoast

    @ Carl

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t know for sure; this tip was written by another person. Make sure to stop by the KTOF (join if you aren’t a member!) and post the question for the original author, “Steell”, to see… Here’s the link:

  3. Rob

    I have a 76 KZ750 B – I went to get gas and the kick stand did not get down right, and i dropped it. When i went to ride away i noticed the front brake was dragging. i cracked the bleeder on the caliper and the pressure came off, so i think its the master cylinder. after looking at my MC its in sad shape the retainer clip was so rusted it came out in peaces and i cant get the piston out. i called my local parts house and a new one is 270. any ideas for a alternate make or model that will fit

  4. Biquetoast

    @ Rob –

    Yeah, those old parts are very expensive to replace as stock, and unless you’re a collector, you don’t want that anyway.

    Just so you know, the ’76 and the ’77 both had the exact same master cylinder and such, so you could look for either on eBay and the like for an exact replacement. In ’78, they went to a different type; but really, that shouldn’t stop you from getting a master cylinder and caliper from a later model as well…

    Other than that, you can get really creative when you consider all the zillions of master cylinders and caliper combos you could do… though I’ve never done them myself…

    …Anyone else…?


  5. nick

    do you have to remove the wheels on a 76 kz750 twin to change the brake pads??

  6. Biquetoast

    No, you don’t have to remove the wheel to replace the pads; but if you don’t, then you must remove the caliper. Pick your battle… 😉

  7. Tim

    is there an alternative to the gpz master cylinder?

  8. Biquetoast

    I wish I knew. This tip was written by a fellow member (steell) of the Kawasaki Twin Owners Forum (KTOF), and I recommend you hop over there and post the question. I’ve not done the mods myself!

  9. Will O Donovan

    Hi , just wondering if anyone could post photos of a kz 750B with the twin front brake conversion. Can the stock forks be used ?

  10. Danny D

    My 80 750B has caliper mounts on both fork tubes. Altho zero front brake parts it has been (Bobbed) I Got master and lines off 82 Ltd 4cyl. Calibers do not fit.The alloy rim will accept duel disc Haven’t found any and the 82 rim won’t change over. That’s as far as I have got… I have the entire 82 and prety sure the triple tree is beefier?

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