’80 “G” Sidecovers on a ’76-’79 “B”

I’ve never been fond of the stock sidecovers from the ’76 – ’79 KZ750 “B” models;  I’ve always thought they are huge and unattractive. Here’s my ’78 B3 with the big ol’ stock wall o’ plastic…

Stock '78 Side Cover

My Stock '78 Side Cover

It has always seemed to me that the ’80 “G” model sidecovers were a perfect “tweak” in design.  And since they are almost the same bike underneath the minor cosmetic differences, I had always hoped they sidecovers would be inter-changeable.

Thanks to a quick note of confirmation from fellow KTOF member Steell (who had also swapped his covers), I was soon regularly searching eBay for a set.  He confirmed that although they fit, they leave one mounting grommet exposed, since the old covers used 4 mount points and the ’80 type uses only 3.

So I finally got a set for like $10, removed the “750t LTD II” badges, painted them satin black, and here’s how it looks now…

'80 Cover with Exposed Mount

'80 Cover with Exposed Mount

What to do with the exposed mount and grommet?  Install a garage door opener?  Move your ignition key there?  Mount an LED side running light?  Or do nothing to them (like I intend)?

However, I think I will probably try to find a spare set of ’78-style badges to fit there to fill the holes in the covers and finish off the look.

So, just to recap, here’s my ’78 B3 at a full view before

'78 KZ750 With Stock Sidecovers

'78 KZ750 With Stock Sidecovers

And here it is after replacing the stock covers with those from an ’80 “G” after

'78 B3 With Sidecovers from an '80 G

'78 B3 With Sidecovers from an '80 G

Truly a minor cosmetic tweak, but I think it looks better!



  1. JP

    makes a world of difference. bravo

  2. krakum1967

    Looks much better, defintely on my to do list for my 76B1

  3. Ken

    Is this site still working? I want to do the same with my 76B1, does the 80G left side cover hide the electric bracket? Pics?

  4. Biquetoast (Post author)

    Ken –
    Is the site working? Yes. Is it active? Not really… 😉 I watch it every day and get notifications and such, but I’m afraid I’m too busy to add much value lately. Someday..
    Anyway, to your question… I have an old picture posted here that shows the left side ’80 cover on it. You can see the front-most bracket/grommet visible just in front of the cover. I don’t think it’s that noticeable so it’s not big deal, but the cover covers all the “workings” electrics and such…
    I hope that helps!

  5. Ken

    Thanks a bunch. I think the 80 side covers are a huge improvement. Maybe I’ll add some content as I build my old 76B1 😉

  6. Ken

    Any way to post pics here?

  7. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @ Ken –
    Sounds great! I’m always in search of those odd or unique tweaks and changes that are just a little bit different from the daily stuff you find in forums. I’ve always intended this “blog” to be more of an “archive”, since there are a bunch of forums for interactive dialog. So if you find those cool tips and tricks, by all means send ’em to me and I’ll post them and list you as author (however you wish). I appreciate it. As for pics, non-admins (meaning anyone other than me) can only post links, sorry. It’s how I keep spam and naughty things from appearing. If you create an “article”, I’d love to include your pics.

  8. Ken

    Would help if I could find a link to your email that doesnt 404 😉

  9. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @ Ken –
    Well, thanks again for that heads-up… I must have broken that link a few months ago when I made some site changes and didn’t notice it. Now I’ve gone back and cleaned that up, so you should no longer get that 404, and you’ll know how to reach me..

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