Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

I am of the opinion that brake line upgrades are mandatory for these old KZ’s;  especially on the front.  Mind you, I’ve only done that upgrade on one of my two 750’s so far, but I intend to get the other done as soon as budget allows.

Speaking of budget, I thought I’d post my parts/shopping list for the upgrades as I do them.

For my first 750, I decided to try building the stainless lines myself from components, instead of buying pre-built sets.  I found a site that had a good reputation and price (, a Moto-Guzzi specialist shop), and contacted them with some questions.  The proprietor was a bit surprised when I told him I do not have a ‘Guzzi, but he was kind and helpful nonetheless.

Together (over a few emails), the salesperson and I came up with this list, made up of “Earl’s Brake Line Components”:

  • 8 Copper crush washers, $0.75 each = $6
  • 2 #600503 30 degree adjustable banjo fitting – 2 x $16.50 = $33
  • 1 #600803 30 degree non-adjustable banjo fitting – $12.25
  • 1 #600703 straight non-adjustable banjo fitting – $10.50
  • 3ft #6000031 clear plastic covered braided stainless steel brake line – 3 x $7.75 per foot = 23.25

….for a grand total of $85.

Believe it or not, he ended up sending me enough excess line that I have enough to probably do the rear brake… someday.  Be forewarned though, that the “Earl’s” brand is sold as individual components; meaning you cut the lines (here’s a tip, wrap it in masking tape when you go to cut with a sharp hacksaw), you assemble and crimp the ends (another tip: use some heat-shrink tubing for a professional look), and you get poked alot in the fingers by tiny little sharp stainless wires.  Okay, it’s not that bad, considering the savings…

I have since found a couple other great vendors for stainless brake lines.  For instance, started selling pre-cut/crimped lines in various lengths (the kind that has a swivel that you screw together), so I used those on my KZ400 with great success, for even less money, believe it or not.

HEL Performance has special pre-built kits labeled/indicated as for the 750B models, and the Y models.  Though they cost a bit more than doing it your self, it looks pretty convenient.  I’d like to hear from you if you’ve used these!

Also, Spiegler sells separate kits for the front (S-KA0080, $109.95) and rear (S-KA0079, $56.95), labeled as designed for the ’76 B1 (surely designed to accommodate the hardline and the front-mounted caliper).

Remember, as always, I don’t endorse any of these vendors, I’m just passing along what I have seen out there…  Anyway, I will update you all later when I get around to doing my other 750…


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