Replacement Keys

Some times people buy an old KZ and the PO had lost the keys.  Or you lost it yourself over winter.  What then?

First, try and find the original key number.  This can sometimes be found stamped on the face of the lock, right next to the keyhole (mine was on my seat lock).  If you have the key number, there are a few options as I see it:

  • Dealer:  Yes, some dealers still actually keep old, stock, factory-cut and coded keys around.  They might even be glad to sell them to you just to get rid of them.
  • Local locksmith:  Many of them carry stock keys for your model and only need the code to create one for you.
  • Ebay:  Duh.
  • Online:  Where I have had keys made quick and easy online, and Key Men, Keys For Classics.

Though online services are quick and efficient, they are usually cut with a best effort from an old guide.  I have used the online services mentioned above and had really good success, though not 100% accuracy to the original key cut… but they work.

There really is nothing better than a stock/original key, like from a dealer’s old stock or eBay if you can find them… it’s worth waiting for.

If you don’t have the key number, and have no way of finding out what it was, you might have to take the lock to a locksmith, or just buy a new set…  and finding a matched set can be a real pain!


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