For me, was the forum that got it all started.  I discovered the forum before I even bought my first KZ, back in 2003.  There I read and read and read, until I raised my comfort level with KZ’s such that I chose my first KZ400 over a CB750 in the local “Tradin’ Times”.  It’s where I met Ibsen, who later went on to form the site and the related forum…  And the adventure began…

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  1. gary

    i have a 91 750 vulcan just got this bike the starter relay is hooked up but the hot wire going to the battery gets hot i dont no what wires go to it relay starter thare is a yellow wire coming out of the rectifer/relay does it go to relay and a white/red wire near the relay dont no where it goes im not getting any spark i dont think the relay is getting power to coils how do i hook up relay the connector has 2 wires pluged in what wire goes to the battery side.the starter/poss cable connector is thare btry is new,ty

  2. Roger

    I had a question about touring. I have a 1976 kz750 and plan on doing a 7,500 mile trip on it this spring. It has 11,000 original miles and is in pristine condition. I have been studying the mechanics of it and have an intermediate amount of skill when it comes to doing my own work on it. I’m fabricating a luggage rack for some saddle bags and changing the front sprocket to something bigger, but other then that, I was wondering if you had any info/advice for long distance driving on the KZ. I’m not concerned about my comfort, only the the mechanical aspect of it. Thanks and great info on your site!

  3. Biquetoast

    @Roger –
    Touring, eh? Why not?
    I’ll just say this… If you haven’t seen my posts about the starter clutch falling apart, you should. I wouldn’t ride one of these things 30 yards without disassembling and inspecting (and probably disabling) it, much less 7500 miles.
    For that kind of trip, I have to tell you that I’d pretty much do all the things I’ve already done for safety and comfort… Replace wheel and steering bearings, change drive sprockets (replace front with 17) and chain (x-ring with crimped master link), new rear shocks, replace fuse box with blades, heavy duty blinker relay, replace cables (try to only use NOS cables!), headlight upgrade/replacement with relay, valve clearance check, carb balance, replace fuel lines and filters… oh and for pete’s sake replace the coil and wires… That’s all I can think of for now…
    I actually like the old bench seat on these things, and I’d be fine doing 7500 miles… in 100 mile increments, at about 65 miles per hour. I commute at 75-80 mph in the summer and I think these bikes like 60-65mph the most.
    Good luck bro!

  4. Roger

    Thanks. I really appreciate all the advice.

  5. art

    I tour on my 1980 KZ750 every year at least 8000 mile trips plus local riding. It gets good maintenance and has a seat and handlebar modification. The ignition and rest of the bike is stock. It has been totally reliable and a kick to tour on! Lots and lots of 400-500 mile days. I do use suitcase bags, a small fairing style shield, and have heated gear.
    Don’t be afraid of the bike – the more you run it the more you will appreciate just how good it is.

  6. Biquetoast

    @art –
    I agree. I use them, and treat them like they were meant to treated. Regular care, and regular use.

  7. Curtis Clark

    I recently bought a 1982 KZ750 CSR Twin Anyone know the fuel tank capacity ? I have seen conflicting numbers . One says 2.8 gal and another 3.8 Gallons

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