Wrench as Rotor/Flywheel Holder

So you need to *hold* the rotor/flywheel while you are trying to remove it or install it.  Well…

I actually don’t recommend doing this, but if you’re as brave/stupid as me, go ahead (note that since the outer bolt is left-handed, this photo is of the TIGHTENING position)…

Rotor-Holder Wrench Trick (Tightening Left-Handed Thread)

Rotor-Holder Wrench Trick (Tightening Left-Handed Thread)

To clarify, I’m using the wrench as a holder by putting the tip in a hole on the rotor.  And, I have it bolted on the footpeg at the other end.  You may find another clever place to attach a different sized wrench.  Oh, and you can flip the wrench over to loosen the reverse-thread bolt.

Be careful though…  I mean I really shouldn’t even be showing that pic to people…  because if you do it wrong, or struggle too much, you’ll leave dents in the rotorhole where the wrench sits.  Or you might flake off some of that bonded epoxy that’s on there…. and for pete’s sake don’t blame me if it damages anything!!


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  1. rider75 aka Brent

    Hey Mr. Biquetoast,
    If you think that’s scary, you haven’t seen my home made shock spring compressor v 1.0!!! LOL
    ’76 KZ750 Cafe
    Peace River, Alberta.
    BTW, thanks for the tips! I am now completing my aluminum solo seat, sidecovers and seat sub-pan (takes the place of the little plastic filler pieces between tank and rear cowl,also gives front of seat pan someplace to attach to). Got my exhaust built from scraps, just needs welding, and by snooping through everyones links pages, finally tracked down the rest of the stuff I need for realistic prices (read: NOT ebay 🙂

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