Oil Filters And O-Rings

Here is my take on oil filters and o-rings for the 750 twin.  But first, I have to mention that I change my oil about every 1500 miles or so, and sometimes change my filter every other oil change, sometimes every oil change, depending on what time in the season, riding conditions, winterization, etc.  So I try to keep the costs down a bit, while still getting reasonable quality and safety for the money.

The O-Ring(s)

Unlike *normal* motorcycles, 😉 the KZ750 Twin requires a crazy figure-8-shaped o-ring for the oil chamber cover.  The hands-down best thing for this is to get an N.O.S. o-ring for this, since nothing else fits as well.  But in a way, you have and alternative, giving you 2 main options for replacing the o-ring:

  1. Kawasaki o-ring Part # 92055-084, which I’ve seen listed for anywhere between $10-$20 in various places around the ‘Net
  2. The o-ring included in Fram Filter CH6014 (see below)

The Filter(s)

I have always read (and you might have too) about quality challenges in certain manufacturer’s oil filters.  But I’m not going to spend big bucks for expensive filters either.  So, I have decided to mitigate any concerns, and regularly alternate oil filters between each change.

I’m sure there are other filters than the ones I list below, but I’ve arrived at a certain pattern of use over the years, and for better or worse, here it is…  For me, there are 3 basic options:

  1. Fram CH6013 – $7.28 – This is the filter that is listed for the KZ750 Twin on some parts sites.  It does fit.  It does work.  It includes 2 o-rings: an o-ring for the oil bolt that you *can* use, and a large round o-ring that you can fling at your buddy, or toss right in the garbage.  It does *not* include the figure-8-shaped o-ring.  I typically do not buy this model.
  2. Fram CH6014 – $6.95 – Same filter as the CH6013, and the same small o-ring for the oil bolt, but this one *does* contain what I would call an “attempt” at a figure-8-shaped o-ring that you can actually attempt to use.  Being frank here, you can make it work, but it is not easy, because it is not perfectly shaped.  But you can get it in place and get it sealed with a little patience.  And it may just be the last hope to find the figure-8-shaped o-ring when I have bought up all the N.O.S. ones from eBay…  Did I just write that…?  I typically buy these and alternate them with the Emgo ones below…
  3. Emgo 10-24400 – $3.80 – No o-rings.  And you’ll like it.  I typically buy these and alternate them with the CH6014 above.

I have bought these in the past at various places, including the links I provide above, as well as some of the places I list on my “Misc. Vendors” page.  Then there’s eBay, of course…

By the way, I’m not affiliated with any of the links provided… and make no promises regarding them… and prices were valid at the time of this post.

Good luck!


  1. doug james

    ok maybe im a idiot or stupid..but i cannot find the oil filter so i can change it on my k1 kz750 ltd belt drive 1983….is there a diagram somewhere showing the location….ive done everything else other than pulling my heart…everywhere ive been to look i see nothing absolutly nothing….help please…
    thank u

  2. Biquetoast

    No, you’re not stupid, it’s in a crazy place: behind the cover on the left side of the engine. No joke. You have to take off the left foot peg, etc., to get to it. It’s all in the Kawasaki Service Manual, which you should be able to get from my “reference” link at the right side of the page.
    Good luck!

  3. misfit138

    Hey Bisquetoast, I’m a rookie 1978 KZ 750 owner and really enjoying all the info here. I want to attempted changing my oil filter and have been studying the maintenance manual. On page 31 it indicates the need for a special tool, a “Shift Shaft Oil Seal Guide”. Do I need this guide? I’ve been poking around the kztwin owners forum and haven’t found anything there yet. As I understand this protects the seal. I’m leery to damage this seal. I’ve been poking around the kztwin owners forum and haven’t found anything there yet.


  4. Biquetoast

    You don’t really need the shift shaft seal guide. The seal isn’t a super-critical part anyway, and if you’re gentle with it, it’ll go back on easily anyway.

  5. Fabricio

    Thanks for the info… I was looking for this o-ring, and with the code I can buy it in the web from here in Brazil.

  6. Joe

    hi i just got a 1980 kz750 and im digging into it now, cleaning up the wheels, carbs, replacing the oil, wheel and stem bearings, etc.. i want to run a small oil pressure gauge on the side of the motor. i have done this on a couple of my other bikes and really like being able to keep a real eye on the pressure.. i have done some searching and haven’t been able to find the running pressure of the 750b twin. i was hoping you could help me out with that? i need to know before hand so i get the right gauge. if its somewhere on your site and i missed it im sorry, but i dont have much time to surf the web while im at work and i dont have a working computer at home lol. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  7. Biquetoast

    @Joe –
    I hope somebody else replies, but I actually do remember some folks doing this years back when I was an active member of the KZRider and KTOF… My faint memory is telling me that it’s an extremely low pressure, and finding a usable, readable pressure gauge was difficult.
    Well, I hope someone else responds, but I don’t have much on that, sorry…

  8. Iceman


    very informative post w/ much useful material. Thanks.

  9. Iceman

    Was wondering what the recommended torque setting in pounds/sq. in. is for the oil drain bolt when re-installing on a KZ750?

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