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Besides the things that I’m migrating over here day-to-day from my site, I need another place to keep a running list of KZ750 Twin related things about which I want to post.

And if you have ideas, feel free to drop a comment below!

  • Luggage rack; unusual designs and options
  • Model Identification (with pics) 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 82, 83, 84
  • My bikes
  • Conspiracy theory: Was the KZ750-M1 (CSR Twin) (1982) really a delayed-release ’81 model?
  • Gas cap: air hole clogging, and old seal/gasket particles
  • Leaking tach seal, o-ring temp fix trick
  • b6es or b8es controversy and proof
  • “Heavy-Duty” flashers
  • Old/aged wires/grounds, and the effect on blinkers, coil power, headlight, etc.
  • Performance upgrades; bored to 810cc, the fabled exhaust/intake cam swap, exhaust/filter changes (with correlated jetting changes), dropping weight, etc…
  • Raask rear sets
  • Fork tube differences from 76/77 to 78/79, and fork tools


  1. David

    I have an 82 kz750. Today while riding, a few miles after filling the tank, the bike died like it had run out of gas. After sitting about 5 minutes, it started, but now the chain is quite loose. Any idea what happened?

  2. Biquetoast

    @David –

    I’m not sure the stalling and the chain symptoms are correlated, that would be pretty weird. The Fuel thing could be a clogged gas cap (I should do a post about that), or clogged fuel lines or filter….

    The forum isn’t the greatest place to interactively troubleshoot stuff, so please come visit me and the group at the Kawasaki Twin Owners Group!

    – ‘Toast

  3. Rich


    Fist thanks, I have been reading thought and using the heck out of you site from time to time; so, big kudos. Now, I had both of my Brake caps bust on me; very old possibly original plastic, one just crumbled away. I wanted to find the easiest but still inexpensive replacement caps to replace them. After much research and some willing participant Kawasaki owner friends I found that the ‘REAR’ Brake Cap (Part#: 43026-1051) and Plate-Diaphag (Part#: 43027-1051) off the Kawa Ninja 250 was a perfect fit.
    Additionally, though you probably already know this, but it’s important to note for your other readers that unless you’ve replaced the brake cylinders both the forward and rear caps are exactly the same size.

    Happy riding,

  4. Rich

    …one more thing: it was a 2009 Ninja 250 and the Part numbers are Kawasaki Genuine Part numbers…


  5. Biquetoast

    @Rich –
    That’s a cool tip!
    But from your description, it must be a mentioned that we’re describing a ’76 “B” or a ’77 “B1” twin, since the front brake reservoir cap changed in ’78-onward.

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