Service Manuals – KZ305/250

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Manuals In Digital Formats – KZ305/250

A note about these files: Some of these links for the manuals (especially for the larger files) are to an external storage repository (, actually) that behaves a bit strangely. It seems that the file download might take forever (like minutes or so) to start, but then starts downloading at a pretty good rate. I hope it works for you. I have tested it and it seems to work well for me….

  • The complete “Kawasaki Service Manual” for the ’79 Z250, **with supplements** for: ’80 Z250 A2, ’80 Z250 B1, ’81 Z250 A3, ’81 Z250 B2, ’81 KZ305 A1, ’81 KZ305 C1, ’82 Z250 A4, ’82 Z250 B3, ’82 KZ305 A2, ’82 KZ305 B1, ’82 KZ305 D1. It is ONE CONTIGUOUS scanned PDF file, thanks to Stealthwifi of the THE KTOF: Link 1, Link 2. WARNING: This file is ~65MB, so don’t just click on it directly; make sure to right-click and choose “Save As…” or you will likely get an application error.


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  1. hptuner

    Looking for service/repair manual for 1987 305 ltd

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