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Hi! I’m known as Biquetoast, and I’m a just a regular motorcyclist who (is very forgetful and) needs to keep track of things.  And I hope that in keeping track of my stuff, maybe someone else out there might benefit from it as well…

So, on July 12, 2009, this site has been born.

I will begin to populate it with information about the ‘76 through ‘84 Kawasaki KZ750 Twin motorcycles.  And as I do, feel free to click on any of the categories and things at the right for more information and posts.

Back in the day, if you had any questions about KZ Twins in general, you would visit Odd Ivar’s Kawasaki Twins Owners Forum and join in.  Unfortunately, Ivar passed on (RIP), and the site was lost to time.  Such a great resource lost.  So as long as I’m alive, I’ll try to keep this tiny little bit of my KZ750 knowledge alive with me, and hopefully help you along the way.

If you have any questions or comments about a particular item in this site, feel free to use the comment field below any post!  Especially, make sure to contact me if you have any KZ750 Twin-related stories, articles, or cool info.

And please note that all the information in this site is/was originally intended for my benefit and use…  You will find it to be a blend of my bike’s settings and service info as well as generalized tips and recommendations for maintenance and things.  I don’t want to build yet-another generalized motorcycle site, it’s been done before, and far better.  Everything here will be somehow related (however distant it may be) specifically to the KZ750 Twin series.

You may notice that everything I use/do/recommend here has what I like to think of as a blend of cheapness and afford-ability.  I’m not a racer, or a knee-dragger, or a chopper fanatic, etc… just an everyday rider/commuter; and my choices reflect that.

If you follow any suggestions I make, there is no warranty or guarantee or liability intended or expressed in anything I write…  So don’t blame me if something is wrong, but please drop me a line (or post a comment) and help me update the info.

Anyway, come back soon, and watch as the site grows… And thanks!



  1. Loïc

    Hi Jeremy,

    Good way to this new site devoted to kz750 twin.
    Bravo for this challenge.

    best regards


  2. RD

    Way to go Bique!!


    PS Aren’t there some manual scans in here somewhere?

  3. 440cafeish

    Lookin’ good!

    This site will surely become as much of a staple for the 750twin owners as the kz400.com site has for us 400/440er’s!

    Good luck with it, and thanks for the info!

    Matt 😉

  4. shane


    good job, nice to see good-ole things still on the forefront of peoples minds. i don’t want to play on your heart strings too badly but here is my tale of woe…

    in the very early 80’s when i was about 16 i bought a low milage, “luminous green” 78 KZ750. while saving money for insurance, and studying to get my license, the bike sadly burned to the ground while being serviced in a back yard mechanics shop in southern ontario. no insurance… i walked away from it less my $1000.00 and my dream bike. i never got my license, never bought another bike.

    nearly 30 years later the regret eats at me that i wasted a great bike by leaving it with a less-than-perfect backyard shop rather than the dealer.

    i would like to buy another… i watch the web but can’t seem to find 78 that’s all original, un-damaged and not 10,000 miles away. can you help?

    i wouldn’t say money is no object…. but i can afford insurance now 🙂

  5. Dave Brush

    Can the 750 twin engine be bored out…just bought 2 bikes at a garage sale & thinking about having some fun with the rougher one.

  6. Biquetoast

    @Dave –

    I know of one person who bored it out to 810, but it’s not a common mod, that’s for sure. And if I remember correctly from the forum posts on it, it was a tricky mod that required very special considerations.

    I think you should join the “Kawasaki Twin Owners Forum” and keep us posted on the progress…

    – ‘Toast

  7. Steve Strange

    Hi Guys, Can anyone give me details on whether the factory produced race versions of the 1980 KZ750M twin, i have bought a bike that appears to have been flat-tracked in the 1980’s,by Fred French in AMA races, and puts out huge bhp,The ID# on headstock is 7/80 and model# says ‘M’ on it.Any ideas?

  8. Cindy

    Sir, you are such a life saver and a bike saver! My kz750 was headed to the junk yard. My husband had given up trying to find a starter clutch assembly for our bike, and because of your site, we found one and my bike will be running again soon! That is, of course, with the help of this forum. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING THIS FORUM AND MAY YOU STAY RUBBER SIDE DOWN IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

  9. Biquetoast

    @ Steve Strange –
    Holy cow, that sounds cool. The odd thing is that the “M” wasn’t officially released until much later that ’80 (the ’80 was a “G” model), though it is my personal belief that they simply missed catching the ’81 “marketing” model year (there was no official KZ750 Twin for the ’81 model year) and released them as an ’82. So it’s possible that it was an early build for racing, or testing, though that is pure conjecture on my part.
    Either way, it’s cool, and I hope someone else knows for sure…

  10. Biquetoast

    @ Cindy –
    Those are very kind words, thanks!
    But unfortunately, this is not really a “forum” for interactive dialog. For that, I strongly recommend the various forums that I frequent (when I can, which is less-and-less these days). Here’s a couple posts on my favorites:
    Again, thanks! I just doin’ my thing, loving my twins…

  11. ChuckR


    Was given a 76 KZ 750 mostly in pieces which spent its life outdoors. Only 13K on odometer and was running 17 years ago. So have cleaned it up and got the engine back in but numerous problems remain electrics, drive chains, engine? etc. Acquired a service manual but need an owners manual, original tool kit, etc.

    So will keep you posted,


  12. Biquetoast

    Chuck –
    Sounds like a good project. I must say that while I have an “Owners Manual” and original toolkit, they’re not that useful and I only have them for the nostalgia. I recommend staying with the Kawasaki Service Manual and a more modern set of metric tools… Especially the Japanese spec tools…
    Good luck!

  13. steve turner

    Had my 80G1 for about 23 years now and am still enjoying it; but, sadly the parts are drying up. Initially I replaced most everything so except for the occasional hiccup it has always got me home.First mod was to
    put switches for the headlight and panel lights. Belonged to the forum
    for a while but found it not helpfull; ok maybe for moral support.Nonrunning models now go for 1 to 2k, just crazy. That is what happens when the money moves in . So enjoy the best bike I have ever ridden and I have rode most of them. Embarrassed some super bikes in the twisties and the Hogs are no problem.Ride Safe………

  14. Biquetoast

    @ Steve –
    Sadly, very true. If you haven’t filled your garage with parts already, they may be getting a bit thin out there. Can’t wait to ride mine again in the spring…

  15. JC

    Hello Biquetoast,

    I was a regular lurker on KTOF, getting great tips and ideas for my 78 kz750 twin. However I had the bike put away for awhile and when I went back earlier this year the site seemed down. Any idea what happened? Did I miss something? I tried logging in and got nothing. Thanks.

  16. Biquetoast

    Hi JC –
    Yep, there appears to be a new forum, as the old one was going away…
    Check this out:
    …and tell ’em I said Hi.. I don’t have as much spare time as I used to, to drop in now and then… 🙁

  17. JC

    Thanks for the quick reply Toast! I looked quickly at it this morning. It doesn’t look as, umm, populated as before. It’s still an awesome resource. I’ll pass your message along and thanks for all your work on this board, keeping our “black sheep” bikes going! JC

  18. Johnnyblades

    I have a question there are 4 blindcap plugs over four of the headbolts
    I have one head bolt leaking alittle oil. I tried using the cam cap bolts as per the manual but nothing happens. am supposed to using the cap screw like a puller? that is the only issue I could probably live with it but it bugs me alot. I have a 1980 Kz 750 and blind caps look like they have a o-ring seal in the middle of the blindcap. any help will be appreciated.
    thanks Johnnyblades

  19. Iceman

    Thank you very much for archiving all this useful & indispensable data Biquetoast. It will make this new KZ Twin- owner’s life a little easier when it comes to general upkeep of the bike.

  20. Biquetoast

    @Iceman –
    Glad to be of service! I really do need to update some stuff around here though… And am always looking for additional tips to pass along.

  21. HandyAndy

    Hi folks,
    I’m rebuilding my 79 Kz750 and have begun reconnecting all the wiring. Unfortunately I didn’t take note of where the earth wires connect to the frame. Can any one help?
    One is the battery earth lead which has two black and yellow wires attached.
    There are two wiires with large eye connections on one end.
    There is one which a smaller eye connection.
    I can figure out everything else except these.
    Thanks again

  22. Jerry Popelka


    Where is the the best place to learn about ’76 KZ750B Twin? I am breathing life into one and have a few questions. Thanks

    Central Florida

  23. tdc

    Hey there,
    Not sure if you still check this or not, but all of the old links for the different KZ twin forums seem to be defunct. Is there another forum out there that you’re aware of? If not, do you think there’s a need for a new forum? I have the webspace and the know how and would love to connect with other KZ twin owners to share tips and tricks for these old bikes.

    Hope this finds you well!

  24. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @ tdc –
    Thanks for the heads-up. I keep this site up, and ride my KZ750s often, but I don’t hang out in the forums anymore like I used to. I love doing it, I just don’t have time anymore. But, I happened by the LonesomeTwin site recently after the re-launch, and I visited the new KZrider forum a while back… I suppose I should fix those links and drop in again.. 😉

  25. Jeff

    I’m in San Marcos, Southern California, and have a 1976 KZ750 that is a nice survivor. It has about 25K miles on it and still sports its original paint and seamed exhaust pipes. It has an old school fairing and rear box which a recently removed. I have not started it in more than a year and need garage space. Brand new tires and battery but needs some basic attention to get it on the road. I’d love for the bike to go to a true Kawasaki fan that has the time and expertise to get it back on the road. Hit me up! InkyFord@gmail.com

  26. Max

    Hello from Canada (Alberta) hoping your still alive & helping our TWINS get medicinal medicine.
    I’m a senior that had many Kaw triples until I grew up & bought a 750 twin. Spent the 90’s in a wheelchair from car/semi accident & sold all 6 bikes. NOW Alive again & just bought a 1984 KZ750 LTD TWIN BELT with under 8K Miles. I Need a manual (cheap) & to know what parts are interchangeable with other twins? Your links no longer work.

  27. Biquetoast (Post author)

    @Max – Hello! Oh yeah, I’m still out “here”, just winterized my KZ750 for the year (I’ve only been getting one of my two out for riding season for the last few years). Anyway, yeah, I just realized the other day that my parts diagrams links don’t work anymore because Kawasaki revamped their whole systems. I’ve been meaning to see if I can find if the parts diagrams still exist out there, because they were incredibly helpful in cross-model part comparisons like you say. My manual links should still work though… Hmm, I’ll have to go check those… I found this, but I have no idea if it’s legit: https://www.repairmanual.com/product/official-1976-1979-kawasaki-kz750-b-factory-service-manual-99997-744-04/

  28. Max

    That website “repairmanual.com” is a rip off at $42. Plus $30. Shipping to Canada is $72. USA & that= a $100. Canadian.

    So THAT just makes me mad , angry & pissed.
    Your better than this from what I’ve been reading, so try again when your not so busy & tired out, & have time to help a senior please.
    The correct link to that rip off site, is https://www.repairmanual.com/product/1979-1984-kawasaki-kz750-twin-cylinder-repair-manual-2/

  29. Dwayne Chestnut

    Well hello I’ve got an 82 Kawasaki kz750 twin as a project bike. I’m rebuilding and get it back on the road. She does run starter was stuck I just need to try to find the left side cover gasket for the engine model number kz750b and it looks like an e. Is there such an engine?

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