Model I.D. – 1981 KZ750

Model Identification

Year: 1981
Make: Kawasaki
Model:  ??
VIN: KZ750?-000001 ~
Engine: KZ750?E000001 ~
Colors: Luminous Midnight Diamond Ruby Clear

Characteristics that distinguish the ’81 750 from the previous years of 750 twins:  For starters, it doesn’t exist.  Yep, this page is somewhat of a parody, and not a very good one at that.  But you have to admit the “Colors” line above is pretty funny…  …in Kaw Twin humor.

Anyway, the truth is that there is some scant evidence to suggest that the ’82 M1/CSR was intended to be released for the ’81 model year;  most notably that it is described exactly as such in one of the printed manuals I have.  That, and the fact that there was only one year with no 750 Twin in the whole model line run (’81), and then the next year there were, for the first time, three of them (M1, S1, Y1) with enough stylistic variances and generational similarities to suggest that they might have been intended as the M1’s successors… In my opinion.

Or maybe Mother Kaw was just waaay too busy with her brand new baby, the 750-four, which was released in ’80, hoping to mitigate further confusion between the models for one year…  Hmm…

Or maybe I’m just way into conspiracy theories.



  1. Casey Richmond

    My KZ750 M1 CSR says 11/81 on the frame. Was it made in ’81 or was it not sold until ’82? This has been confusing me forever and I’m glad I just found this post. Thanks.

  2. Biquetoast

    @Casey –
    Correct. Your bike was built in ’81 as an ’82 model.
    Mine were both made in late ’77 as ’78 models, by the way… Very common for model year switch-over to occur sometime in the year previous.
    Glad it helped!!

  3. steve Slom

    Well i have just bought a Kawasaki KZ750 made on 7/81,so i think they did make an 81 model.

  4. Biquetoast


    I’m guessing that what you have was sold as an ’82; you can check the VIN against my other model identification pages to be sure.
    Either that, or it’s a four-cylinder.


  5. Heather

    I have a kz750 Ltd Twin ,manufactured 1981 vin/chassis kz750s 000175,engine no. kz750bf059317,colour has metallic red flecks and the pin stripes come to a point near the tank

  6. Biquetoast

    @ Heather –
    So, it appears that what you have a “S” model… Please see here:
    …and maybe you could help me gather some info…? Please…?

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