Model I.D. – 1978 KZ750 B3

Model Identification

Year: 1978
Make: Kawasaki
Model: B3
VIN: KZ750B-25701 <-> 033033
Engine: KZ750BE025701 <-> 033074
Colors: Luminous Dark Green, Luminous Dark Red

Characteristics that distinguish the ’78 model years from the ’77:Β  Color, pinstripe layout/design (4 pinstripes; 3 green and one gold, merging at the top rear of tank, hidden behind seat front), front brake caliper re-located from the front of the fork leg to behind, new angular front master cylinder, modern stator/generator type (3-phase dynamo changed to single-phase in ’78), needle bearings in swingarm (instead of bushings), combination regulator/rectifier (changed from previously separate units), slight design tweaks in the output shaft assembly, recommended fork oil level, and there is some uncertainty about the recommended spark plug (B6ES/B8ES) between model years as dictated in the Kawasaki Service Manual.

Other model characteristics can be found in the Kawasaki Service Manual.

Here are some pictures to illustrate some of the important noteworthy model identifiers…

I believe this pic below was originally in a magazine review (not sure which):

1978 Kawasaki KZ750 B3 - US

This is a near-new specimen that shows the green color, the new '78 front master cylinder, the U.S. seat, U.S. rear fender, and U.S. turn signal position

This pic below credited to Garret of KawasakiMotorcycle Dot Org:

1978 KZ750 B3

This pic shows how the '78 tank pinstripes disappear behind the front of the seat; of course the bike has a removed rear fender and replacement exhaust, but you also clearly see the U.S. - style seat, handlebars, and rear turn-signal placement

I believe this pic below comes from Kawasaki, perhaps from a manual or bulletin:

1978 Kawasaki KZ750 B3 - EU

This pic shows the Euro-style seat strap, longer rear fender/guard, lower handlebars, and rear-most turn signal position; as well as a glimpse at the rear-mounted front caliper



  1. Jay Danner

    I am looking into purchasing a 1978 KZ750, some things that the PO told me is it has new stator, rectifier, battery, its also had the complete front end replaced top to bottom (handle bars to wheel), I was there and it kicked up on the second kick, the bad is the pipes have been cut so it’s loud and lean, also no air cleaners or seat, also a drum rear brake. from the title and vin. on the neck it’s a 78′, dont know what year the front end in but it has the same guages and cluster. $600 anything I should be aware of?? Thanks JayD

  2. Biquetoast

    @ Jay
    Drum rear brake eh? If its a mag wheel, it might be from an ’80G model. Bike prices are all over the map there days, so I’m not sure if that’s a good price or not, but you really won’t know what you have until you dig into it….

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