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  1. andy s

    whats going on guys i have 1978 kz750 vertical twin i just brought i wonder a good place to look for parts n what few sites maybe anybody?

  2. Biquetoast

    I believe that sliding cable was an optional accessory on those years. You use it to lock your bike. I don’t know if it comes out or whatnot, I never saw one in person.

  3. Biquetoast

    @andy s
    Make sure to check over at the right side of this page, under Reference –> Vendors…. this is where I list a handful of the vendors I use for parts and such.
    I hope that gets you started…

  4. Don Planalp

    I’ve got a nice ’80 KZ750G for sale. 19K miles $1500 Located in Missouri, USA. Thought I’d give you guys a chance at it before I advertise it on EBay, craiglist, etc.


  5. Andrew

    Hey that’s a nice 750 Don, is it still for sale!?!

  6. Aaron

    Hi there, I have an 82 KZ750 M1 that I have chopped. I want to lengthen the forks but don’t know where to find extended tubes… any suggestions?

    thanks in advance!

  7. Tim

    i’m looking for a master cylinder rebuild kit …. can’t seem to find ANY!!

    what has anydoby used??

  8. Richard G

    New to this site.I have had a 1980 kz750 twin for 12 years now.I removed the airbox and installed k&n filters so I could lower the center of the frame.Made a new seat to fit.Changed to rear springs and shocks and foward pegs and controls off a vulcan.

  9. Biquetoast

    A quick search around the ‘Net turned this up:
    …please note, this is not an endorsement, I’m not related to that company, nor have I purchased this kit…
    But, I hope that helps get you started, at least!

  10. Biquetoast

    @Richard –
    Sounds like you have a hand-made LTD!

  11. Richard G

    I made a few mods to make it fit me better for sure.I never thought I would keep it this long when i bought it,but it has grown me

  12. Dannydarko

    hey i am building a 79 twin b-4 kz750 and am running straight pipe headers with 3 inch baffles and pod filters however i am really having a hard time dialing in the carbs as bigger main jets are hard to come by does anyone have suggestions on how to make the stock size jets and everything work with pods and headers with 3 in baffles.

  13. Richard G

    Danny Darko,you can’t make the stock jets work with pods.A long time ago when the earth was green,the guys at Victoria Motorcycles in Victoria,B.C. helped me out.

  14. Bill Price

    I have a 1979 KZ750 twin and want to try stretching a swingarm.
    Just wondering what years will fit or do all the 750 twins share the same frame and swingarm?
    Anyone have one they might be interested in selling?


  15. Biquetoast

    @ Bill

    The ’76-’79 all share the same swing arm… But when you get beyond that you run into some years/models that have drum brakes and would necessarily have different swingarms.
    So since you have an earlier model, I’d stick with them if you can…

  16. Bill Price

    Thanks, that will help me in my search.

  17. levilowe

    the baffle fell out of the exaust on my 76 kz750… what do you guys recommend i replace it with?

  18. Bill Price

    Are the push and the pull throttle cables the same on the 1979 KZ750 twin or are they different?


  19. Biquetoast

    @ Bill –

    The *stock* or OEM cables are actually slightly different. The after-market cables that you can buy often are listed as interchangeable between push or pull. And while it’s true that the modern interchangeable ones can be adjusted to work, I have personally found that they are mostly designed for “pull” and it ends up requiring it being adjusted to the very end on the “push” cable, and the metal bends at the grip kinda’ get in each other’s way.. Not the end of the world, but if I had my choice, I’d use stock/oem every time…


  20. doug prevost

    I need advice on my 1978 kz 750b please call me at 315 396 8465 or email me i have what i believe to be a big bad issue please help

  21. Biquetoast

    @ Doug –

    Whoa, I just noticed this post! What’s wrong? If it’s areal problem where it requires back-and-forth, you should probably ask it on the KTOF

    Good luck!

  22. Mike

    Any idea on making the throttle a “cruise control” . Would a throttle off another model with the screw work ? Just bought one of these(77) and I love it . Paid $550.00…….can’t beat that. Thanks……Mike

  23. Biquetoast

    Nope that’s a great price, about the average of what I paid for mine just less than a decade ago.
    There are a small handful of aftermarket “cruise controls” available, some of which should work on a KZ750 (but I don’t know for sure). They usually just clip on the bars right at the throttle grip inner-most point, so I’d think it’d work. There’s the kind with the thumb-latch that I’ve always wondered about… If you do get one installed, make sure to report back!

  24. fiberfreak

    darko where did you find the pod filters

  25. Rob C

    Toast or anybody else, I bought an 82 750 csr and cant get it to spark, dad let me borrow his tester and so far i’ve found out that it is getting 12v to the coil but not putting anything out, i bought a new(junkyard) coil and it did the same thing so i tested the pulsar that plugs into the igniter and it is breaking continuity, does that mean it is workin right? And would that mean its the ignitor that needs replaced?

  26. Rob C

    Did you get my post?

  27. Michael

    Hi Toast,
    I just found your page and enjoyed reading some pages and looking at some pictures and related comments.
    Hi all,
    as there are not so many opportunities to get information about our Kawasaki 750 Twins I want to leave the invitation to visit the german Z750Twin page at http://www.z750twin.de.
    There is an introduction page in english language at
    A hole bunch of pictures taken at our 2012 Twin meeting with total 26 Twins (+3) can be found at http://www.z750twin.de/treffen_2012.htm
    Best regards,

  28. Biquetoast


    Thanks for dropping by!! I might put a link to your site in my references page… I’ve been meaning to do so…


  29. Rob C

    Your site is great btw, soon as I get my debit card Ill give you a buck,

  30. Rob

    I’ve got a 750 twin that I tore down and cut up. In between us moving our shop from one location to another it would appear that my headers have come up missing along with some other misc parts. I’ve been looking but can’t find anyone who sells the headers alone and I don’t need the whole system. Is there anywhere I can go to buy just the headers so I can get this bad boy buttoned up?

  31. Biquetoast

    @Rob –
    Sorry to say, those headers aren’t growing on trees. The only ones I know still for sale are MAC full systems. The original headers are double-walled and last forever as long as the don’t rust from neglect/rust. But you might have to buy a junk bike just to get a set…

  32. Rob C

    Toast, My bikes isnt putting fire through the plug wires, I used a tester and found that its gettin fire all the way to the coil but not any further, I tried changin the coil but still have the same issue, I was told the ignitor was the issue, does thatit sound right? Thanks

  33. Rob C

    Also Im building a cafe bike with my 82′ CSR Ill be sure to poat some pics

  34. Rob C


  35. Kyle M

    hey i just recently bought a 77 kz750 and am having some issues tracking down a battery for it any advice on what kind of battery it takes would be extremly helpful

  36. Biquetoast

    @ Kyle –

    I can’t believe I never wrote down my battery model anywhere… 😉
    I’ll see if I can find it an post back for ya. I just run the cheap Yuasa battery… I think they were recently bought out by another brand, but you could probably just go to AutoZone (or similar) and ask them to look it up…

    Good luck…

  37. Kyle M

    thanks for the info i got the bike almost up and running i seem to have a pretty substantial leak in my carbs though and not sure any light anyone on this sight could shed on it would be much appreciated i love this bike and cant wait to get out on the road with it it has compression just wont turn over i think the leak may be linked

  38. Biquetoast

    @Kyle –
    Unfortunately, this blog format doesn’t lend itself well to troubleshooting and b ack-and-forth dialogue… In order to dig deeper, head over to the Kawasaki Twin Owners Forum and post a bit about it there; maybe some pictures, etc… If you go to kz400.org, you’ll get redirected there…
    See you there..

  39. truc

    just picked up a 78 kz750, wont start yet, but it is complete sans battery… so it has lots of potential!

  40. Robert J

    Acquired a 76 KZ last fall as winter project. Both the motor in the bike and the spare that came with it had loose starter clutches. My fix is to put in two extra dowel pins,upgrade to grade 8 capscrews and red locktite. I also champhered the bolt and dowel pin holes as I found the metal raised at these points,and for good measure put a few drops of locktite case sealant between the pieces before bolting together. Call me paranoid but my wife will be riding it occasionally and doing without a starter is not an option.I joined the twins forum but lost password and user name when our computer crashed and cannot get on it anymore. It just tells me my email is already registered and kicks me out when i try to get new username and password. If anyone can help me in getting back in I’d appreciate it.

  41. Biquetoast

    I certainly understand your reasoning! It sounds like you’ve covered your bases, and I wish you all the best, of course.

    As for the forum, I should be able to help you… I’ll see if I can get in and clear that out….


  42. Jack

    Hey guys does anyone know where I can pick up a decent 76 to 78 750 twin? I just love those old ones and can’t seem to find any recent ads on the west coast. A lot of the ads are very old. It might just be how I am searching, I don’t know. Awesome site Toast. Thanks, Jack
    P.S. I’m in Everett, Wa, but know people in Az and in Mt. I could travel a little to go get one. Stay vertical everyone

  43. Brian

    I have an 83 KZ750 twin that wont idle and when it does it pops and backfires. I have to run it with the choke out and idle it down in order to ride it. if I go slow on throttle I can get it to about 4k RPMS but thats it. It runs really well like this while it’s in neutral. It has no top end, when I open the throttle up it bogs down almost like it’s flooding out but I dont smell any gas. I recently rebuilt the carbs and put 115 jets in it. That didn’t make a difference. I tried the 110s that came with the rebuild kit but that didnt change anything so I put the 115s back in. This may be confusing but any help would be much appreciated.

  44. Biquetoast

    @ Brian –
    I know what you mean… Mine used to do the same thing. Sounds perilously lean…
    The thing you have to realize is that with these KZs, it’s all about the float bowl fuel level and the pilot passages. First things first; research the Kawasaki Service Manual, and get the float bowl fuel level *PERFECT*. Second, make sure your pilot passages are clear. I recommend adding about half (or less) of a small can of Seafoam to a full tank of gas; this will work over time to soften and eliminate gummed fuel in the tiny passages. If your float level and pilots are perfect, there will not be popping on zero-throttle deceleration. *Then* you can worry about the main jets, timing, coil performance, carb balance, and valve clearance.
    I hope that gets you started!

  45. Brian

    Thank you Toast, I’ll get on that. I’m new to carb work, do you have any recommendations on equipment that I’ll need to check the float bowl level and how to set it up? I bought a repair manual for it off of e-bay but unfortunately I was overseas when it arrived and they sent me one for a late 70’s instead. I’ll be checking the local shop tomorrow for the correct manual when they open. I ran some sea foam through it before and it did help. I blew the passages out with my air compressor and they seam clear but I’ll try some more sea foam and see what it does.

  46. Biquetoast

    @Brian –
    I’m pretty sure I have the manual you are after right here: http://kz750twins.com/?p=15
    Remember, for the ’83 it’s just going to be a “Supplement”. So you’ll basically get a 76-79 B series manual, with the last handful of pages being just the updated “differences” for the later models.
    And yeah, did I mention the passages are *tiny*… 😉 Seafoam can take a few days of use to actually make a difference.
    Also, as for tools, I personally have gotten quite good at removing the float bowls with the carbs in-place, using a hacksawed-off stubby screwdriver. Research the so-called “dry” or “upside-down” method of getting an initial settinng on the floats, then get a fitting-and-tube style float level measurement tool for setting them “wet”.
    Really though… Do it EXACTLY described as in the manual, and keep trying. You’ll get it right. Believe me, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when I started…

  47. Brian

    Thanks Toast! I really appreciate your help!

  48. Brian

    In doing the research that you suggested I found this article http://www.allthingsmoto.com/forums/f-15/how-set-your-motorcycle-carburetor-float-level-more-commentary-13608/
    It is by the far the easiest “how to” I have ever seen in my life. It recommends using a wrench as a measuring tool. I never would have thought of that.

  49. Brian

    I adjusted my float levels and they are spot on. My bike still only tops out at 55 – 60. The engine timing is spot on and its an electronic ignition system, as you know, so I cant adjust that. I know my valve clearance is not correct, I will be getting new shims soon to correct that, that wouldn’t cause this issue would it? Any thoughts?

  50. rhyno

    I’ve checking out this forum and I like it. I have a 79 kz750 type b and I need the chain that goes from the starter to clutch plates. any ideas where to find one

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